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Special Offers Special Offers From time to time we run Special Offers - here you'll find items with superb price discounts, as well as stock clearance items - be sure to check here or you may miss some real bargains!
Starter Packages Starter Packages Special Starter Packages covering everything you need to start playing the guitar... generally contain guitar, amp, and all accessories required.
Electric and Semi Acoustic Guitars Electric and Semi Acoustic Guitars An electric guitar generally is a solid bodied instrument, with all amplification done solely by it's inbuilt Electronics. Semi Acoustic guitars are electric guitars that also have soundholes, altho the central spine of the guitar remains solid. This gives the guitar a basic acoustic property as well as it's main electric functionality.
Acoustic and Electro Acoustic Guitars Acoustic and Electro Acoustic Guitars Acoustic guitars are completely hollow, and rely on this cavity to create the resonance and ambience that makes the guitars' sound unique. ElectroAcoustic guitars have additional electronics fitted to allow them to be amplified.
Semi Acoustic & Jazz Guitars Semi Acoustic & Jazz Guitars Jazz Guitars are designed for that typical jazz sound and playability... they produce a sound suited to the style of music for which they are designed.
Guitar Amplification Guitar Amplification From Marshall to Crate, Line 6 to Ampeg... the choices available for amplification are many, but each brand brings with it that brands own unique sound. Here you'll find amps to suit all genres, styles, and sizes.
Bass Guitars Bass Guitars Bass guitars normally have four strings, and the size is larger than a normal electric guitar, both in terms of string thickness and the length that the strings are stretched. Bass guitars are only really intended to be played one note at a time, though some more experimental bassists may play chords.
Bass Amplification Bass Amplification As for guitar amps, there are many different brands and types of Bass Amps out there which all help define your sound... larger speakers produce further bass tones... smaller speakers a more punchier sound. Take your pick from the choices within.
Mandolins Mandolins A mandolin has eight strings, arranged in four pairs, and a rounded wood shell. As part of the chordophone family, the mandolin is a specific kind of lute. The sound of chordophone instruments comes from vibrating strings. The mandolin, and its neighboring mandola and bouzoukis, qualify as citterns because they are plucked with a plectrum like a guitar's pick, rather than played with a bow like a violin.
Banjos Banjos Banjoes traditionally have five strings, four of which are tuned for picking. The top string is shorter than the rest, and used as a drone. Four-string banjoes are also common, and used more percussively than the five-string banjo. There are several unique styles of banjo-playing, from clawhammer to Scruggs-style bluegrass.
Drums and World Percussion Drums and World Percussion Percussion Instruments are defined simply - stuff you can hit! Generally percussion instruments are wooden bodied with a skin which is struck by the player to produce it's sound.
Effects Pedals Effects Pedals Fed up of that boring "clean" sound? There are a plethora of effects pedals on the market covering every sound you can dream of, from full-on dirty crunch, to sweet philharmonic orchestral effects. Find our full range within this section...
Home Recording Home Recording Home Recording saw it's boom in the 80s with the advent of 4track tape machines for the home. Since then the technology has rocketed, to the point that multitrack digital recorders are now easily available and can produce some stunningly professional results.
Second Hand Gear Second Hand Gear We know that not everyone can afford the price of a new instrument or equipment, and indeed many of the best buys can be found in the 2nd hand market place. All our second hand gear is checked out, serviced and fully set-up, ready for you to pick up and play to your hearts' content!
Folk Instrument Selection Folk Instrument Selection The folk scene tends to contain some instruments from the more bizarre end of the spectrum... as such, they are fairly unique and attract a specific market. Everything to do with folk music instruments can be found in this section.
Violins Violins The violin is a bowed stringed musical instrument that has four strings tuned a perfect fifth apart. It is the smallest and highest-tuned member of the violin family of string instruments, which also includes the viola and cello.
Accessories Accessories Contains bulk and discount pricing on strings, plectrums, straps, tuners, cases and other accessories. No musician is complete without his little bag of tricks afterall...

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